Managing Precious Time


I started working on my doctorate at Concordia University January this year.  I realized that full-time finance work heading up worldwide accounting at a $6 billion global high tech company, along with my adjunct teaching (also at Concordia), was probably going to kill me at a relatively young age.

So a month ago I left my corporate job to focus on my doctorate and teaching.  My expectation was that my productivity, at least for the remaining two commitments, should go through the roof.  I was wrong.  I had morphed my corporate job into a place where I could do everything.  I could come in early, stay late, or even come in on the weekends, logging on to my PC and answering company email, doing work, while also juggling the rest of my life.  That office had become my center.

Now, at home, no longer do I use a PC, I have a MacBook Air.  No longer do I have the company’s scheduling software to enable me to multi-task.  One month later and I’m still transitioning to this new way of life.  My calendar is now fully migrated to CalendarMob (Google Calendar), most of my contacts have my personal email address, and I am steadily becoming more proficient on the MacBook!

Yet when my boxer Patton wants to go outside or remodelers are banging away on my new hardwood floors, I still feel unnaturally ill at ease.  Should I get an outside office?  Maybe I should go back to work?

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