The terms of the surrender of Roderick Russell Mann to God the Father through the interlocutor and advocate Jesus Christ are outlined below according to mutual agreement.

  1. Sincere recognition and regret for all thoughts and actions contrary to the holiness of God and His Kingdom. The desire to turn from such, as will in due course either become evidence from actions or evidence of rejection of these terms, will become clear and prima facie support for the genuine recognition, regret and rejection of the former lifestyle that was dominated by vice and now is dominated by the desire to live a virtuous life.
  2. Full acceptance of the ransom paid for the former lifestyle errors by the Son of God who paid the bill in full. An acceptance that the punishment inflicted by humiliation, torture and execution of Jesus Christ on behalf of Roderick Russell Mann is hereby accepted as payment in full with no further or future punishment according to his guilt.
  1. An effort to nurture, enhance and grow the new life that is given to Roderick Russell Mann is hereby granted and agreed to – this shall follow for the remainder of his life. He will disavow a love for vice and will embrace the life of virtue in accordance with the handbook that God has provided for instruction and guidance. He will read and study the handbook, as well as meditate upon it and quietly speak from his mind about it to God in the form of focused thoughts intended as spiritual communication.
  2. As God provides wonderful insights and gifts that he has the power and resources to provide, Roderick Russell Mann will allow those gifts to be passed on to others rather than consumed and enjoyed for his own purposes.
  3. At every opportunity, Roderick Russell Mann will freely admit to, divulge, and explain his surrender of his own will to the Will of God, to others as they inquire, in order to possibly sway these people to consider signing a similar treaty themselves.

In exchange for adhering to the terms of this agreement, the other party, God, will provide the following in accordance with His personal guarantee:

  1. No punishment for vice, but rewards for virtue (to be given after the physical life becomes a new eternal spiritual life and that life is moved to a new body built to last forever).
  2. A new body, a new home, and all in an environment free of pain, death, trouble and heartache.
  3. The power to overcome temptations to return to vice while still living in his physical body.
  4. The right to see God face to face.
  5. Perpetual, continual joy and peace in the context of a new life that will live forever.

Signature affixed below reflects full agreement this ninth day of September, 2021.

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