The Painting and Music of Your Life

“There Is A Crack In Everything, That’s How The Light Gets In.” (Leonard Cohen).

Our earliest memories of life are painted in bright vibrant colors of joy and happiness. The world is a tabula rasa, a blank slate, and every single thing in it is surprising, fascinating, beautiful and awesome. We hop, skip and jump to music light-hearted and jubilant, cheerful and carefree.

Some troubles begin to sound in the instrument of our minds and body, friends say cruel things to us, parents and teachers scold and reprimand us, and the new keyboard you wanted so badly you were never to receive it.

As life presses on we find an admixture of light music, but sometimes life plays in a minor key as the painting of our lives begins to show darker oils, streaks and confusing images no longer bright, sharp and clearly discernible as before.

Further along the path we hear low, ominous harmonies from something like a pipe organ out of our sight but somewhere up ahead. Anxiety grips us as more paint colors of gray, white, red and black, evoking thoughts of dread and death, melancholy and angst, rather than the favorable and exciting emotions these same colors elicited in our childhood. The music in the distance is a dirge, a mournful lamenting dove down the path that beckons us to continue our journey through life in spite of increasing reservations and fear of what the future may hold.

When we can see we are nearing the end and considering eternity, we look at the mostly completed painting of our life. The frightening colors and cacophonous accompanying sounds dominate the painting. Many regrets, few memories of those things that brought lasting perpetual joy and fulfillment. We wonder about what lies beyond and we remember what we thought about when we considered the God of all creation.

It dawns on us that God was with us the entire time, working through the conscience of our heart, whispering to us to listen to our better angels, showering us with waves of joy whenever we did yield to our instincts of empathy, compassion, humility, honesty, generosity, kindness and other virtues. Now the time has come to focus on Him. He will accept us with the dark and foreboding character of our life’s painting and the music that fits the scene. He can because he found the Way to accept us no matter how terrible our life was.