Two Kingdoms

The Kingdom of Namaste never knew trouble, only goodness could be found there. All of what was created and built served and loved the majesty of the King, and the lives of the created beings knew only the sanctity of life, the riches of love, and the wisdom of truth. Nowhere was there any suffering, death, hatred, violence or deceit. The Kingdom was run by a ruler who was himself the very embodiment of life, light, and love, and was only interested in subjects who shared his purposes and values. 

I had the good fortune of being allowed to visit this Kingdom and see for myself.

The entire nation was abundant in precious stones and gold, so abundant that buildings were adorned with jasper, sapphire, chalcedony, emerald, sardonyx, sardius, chrysolite, beryl, topaz, chrysoprase, jacinth and amethyst. The streets were paved with a pure gold so thin it appeared transparent. The doors on the buildings looked like perfect pearls, unblemished, no flaws, precious, their beauty intoxicating.

The music and the art here were the product of the most creative talents among the citizens. You could hear an a cappella choir in the distance singling with melodic perfection, as they faced the King on his throne. The light that came out from the King himself was so radiant that no other lights were needed anywhere in the Kingdom, for light was one of his basic, natural qualities. The music was loud, but it didn’t hurt my ears; it was powerful, moving, and I was enraptured, fixating on its perfect tone. The light was bright, but not bright in a way that I covered my eyes, its brightness bathed me in a soft and wonderful glow that was thrilling. I could feel the light covering my entire body.

I begged to remain there but was told I needed to return to my own home until a later date, but that an appointment for my return had already been set.

Not long after this I was allowed to visit another Kingdom, but this place was frightening. The wails of suffering citizens echoed throughout the dark forests, as its inhabitants were wandering and stumbling as they looked to salvage whatever they could to appease themselves in some way as they struggled for relief from their suffering. There was danger on every corner, I sensed that. The only means for a citizen to enjoy more for himself was to take from others, and that would mean stealing or destroying. 

I heard a shout — scary and very loud. “. “I am Ripper… Tearer… Slasher… Gouger. I am the Teeth in the Darkness, the Talons in the Night. Mine is strength… and lust… and power! I AM LUCIFER!” He had quoted a line from a poem I recognized (Beowulf). He went on, “The time of heroes is dead: the Christ god has killed it, leaving nothing but weeping martyrs and fear and shame.” “There’s no shame to be accursed by demons.” “I see you brought me treasure,” Lucifer said to the guide who brought me to this terrible place.

Now I could no longer bear the horror of this place as I began sobbing uncontrollably and gnashing my teeth, I feared I wouldn’t get out alive. “Can we please leave, I want to go home now,” I begged my guide. He looked sternly and firmly directly into my eyes, and said much the same thing as he has said at the other Kingdom I had visited, “you return to your home now, until a later date, an appointment has been set and you will be taken to one of these two destinations and be there for eternity…the good news is that you get to choose.”

That is good news, I thought to myself.

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