Abortion: Who is For It? Who is Against It?

Abortion: Who is For It? Who is Against It?

Since Roe v. Wade 62 million babies have been aborted.

Under Mao Tse Tung 45 million died between 1958 and 1962.

Under Joseph Stalin 15 million died.

Under Pol Pot 3 1/2 million died.

World War II 70-86 million estimated died.

World War I 40 million died. 

Plagues, wars, tyrannies, along with heart disease, cancer, the only certainty is death. But death can come almost immediately or after a century, only God knows the day and the time of your death.

When the Apostle Paul was on the road to Damascus he was traveling with a stellar resume. A member of the Sanhedrin, having studied at the feet of Gamaliel, he was determined to capture, imprison and even kill those of The Way, people who believed Jesus was the Messiah and rose from the dead.

Today we have two sides to the abortion debate. One side argues it is the right of a woman over her own body, including aborting a fetus. The other side argues we must protect the life of the unborn child who cannot yet speak for itself. There is no small amount of rage and anguish on both sides of the debate.

Consider this however. What if there was no Roe v. Wade? What if there was no law, nor case for or against abortion? A pregnant woman would simply locate a doctor who is willing to provide the abortion. The doctor would discuss everything involved, just as with any medical procedure, including alternatives such as having the child and putting it up for adoption.

Should society sanction abortion through laws that justify it? Should society abolish abortion through laws that punish the pregnant woman and the doctor? 

Perhaps society should simply recognize that every person is made in the image of his or her God and is accountable to Him. He is the only one who can judge. 

Every single life that is finally ended brings grief, for death is abnormal. Death came into the world with sin and the entire world became a fallen place to be born and to grow, for we struggle all the days of our lives, and though we may find some joy and happiness, at the end of that life, not a single thing acquired can be taken with us into eternity. 

As we enter the twilight of our lives we become acutely aware of the pointlessness of storing up stuff here on earth, for we have no idea what will become of it. The best that the best of us can do is have a street or a library named after us, but within two generations that name and everything that person accomplished is forgotten and becomes irrelevant to the remaining people alive.

We need to show love, not hate. We need to help, not harm. When we make laws that have at the core a moral construct, we will always have cultural tensions. People will break those laws. Some will be caught and punished. Others may get away with their lawbreaking behavior.

But the man and woman of God who is concerned about the unborn child, is also concerned about the lives of everyone else, for they love their neighbors as themselves. When angst, hatred and the need to mete out punishment is taken up by mankind, we place ourselves in the place of our God. For God will hold us accountable for how we lived the lives he gave us as a gift. And he alone will repay, for vengeance is his. Since the day Cain spilled the blood of Abel, God knows us completely, we cannot escape him, our Lord will deal with this and every transgression.

Don’t be like Paul, whom Jesus had to apprehend and even blind so that he could see again. When you feel your heart breaking for any human being who is facing death, take it to the Lord in prayer, not to the courts of law in rage.