Shout the Light into the Darkness, by Rodd Mann

Shout the Light Into the Darkness

The Evil is all around us

Let the Truth be told

With all that’s at stake, we must remain bold

We have nothing to fear

No slings, no arrows can harm us

As long as our King remains near

We’ll never be left out in the cold

Shout the Light into the Darkness

While we can even still speak

Our Lord is our Refuge, our Strong Tower

From above the evil and war we peek

We have less time now my dear friends

These, our final days, let’s make our Maker proud

Now is not the time for fainting

Instead, it is time for us to Shout out Loud.

Shout the Light into the Darkness

For more must go with us to heaven

Though our frame is bent and stricken with weakness

The finish line is in sight, and Jesus is our possession